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Pa> Subject: Re: Becoming altricial/bi
Pa> Date: Sun, 08 Oct 95 15:56:26 GMT

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Pa> "J. Moore" writes:

Pa> > Pa> Proposed experiment: Bind the feet of newborn apes and see what
Pa> happens.
Pa> ^^^^^^^
Pa> > Pa> What would be the survival rate in the wild?
Pa> > Pa> Paul.
Pa> >
Pa> > Probably not great, as they aren't bipedal and therefore would be
Pa> > forced to adopt an unnatural stance for long periods of time, as
Pa> > opposed to a bipedal hominid, who wouldn't be faced with this
Pa> > problem.

Pa> You missed the word "newborn" in the proposed experiment.
Pa> My point is that the mother would be quite unable to continue her normal
Pa> activity (with the infant attached).

For a quadrupedal mother, this would tend to be so. Which is, in
fact, what I said. A bipedal hominid would not have this problem.

Pa> I'm trying to force thought on the drastic behavioural modifications on
Pa> the *mother* required by bipedalism.
Pa> Paul.

Which is what I replied. Your apparent inability to see this is

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