Re: lions, chimps and sticks

H. M. Hubey (
9 Oct 1995 21:42:19 -0400 (David L Burkhead ) writes:

> Just imagine you're facing a _dozen_ chimp sized and chimp
>strength primates (and chimps have several times the strength of a
>man--even though they are physically smaller), that surround you and

1) lions don't hunt alone
2) how many lbs can chimps curl?
3) how many lbs can they press?

>pelt you with rocks, sticks, and assorted blunt objects. Face one and
>another hits you from behind. _And_, they're hitting you _before_ you

What rocks? Since when did chimps become baseball pitchers?
I bet they're piss poor throwers. They won't stand a chance.


Regards, Mark