Re: Hair and AAS

Muttiah ((no email))
9 Oct 1995 13:52:14 GMT

David Froehlich <> wrote:
>I just had a thought about all of the statements about hairlessness. All
>of the living relatives of hominids have hair. Humans do not. Is it not
>an equivalent assumption under parsimony (the simplest explanation is the
>one to be preffered) that all hominids until Homo sapiens had lots of fur?

HS may be a little early: there were australopithecines (sp ?), Homoerectus
etc. Perhaps at the HS stage the hair on the body was "just enough" for
the environment in which we live (mainly indoors in controlled environments).
"Just enough" because hair can trap air which acts as an excellent insulator
(would there be need for any hair in AAT ?)