Re: tree-climbing hominids

H. M. Hubey (
9 Oct 1995 00:30:17 -0400

chris brochu <> writes:

> I should probably let Alex have the kill on this one, but as a natural
>scientist, I find myself offended beyond belief by your entire statement.
> In a few paragraphs, you have stated that, without reading a single
>article offered, they aren't worth reading.

As a natural scientists I am apalled that someone like you can
call himself a scientist. As a natural scientist I can tell the
difference between science, what it should be, how it should be
done, and analogical reasoning, evidence, proof, and also
drawing unwarranted conclusions from the evidence and then
being pompous enough to claim something you're not. Methinks if
you had actually done some real science you would be neither
so pompous nor so pretentious.

>You label paleontologists of all types as "bone gazers." WIthout

That was only done to bring some peoples' feet on the ground
and their heads out of the clouds.

If the shoe fits, wear it.

>The hallmark of a scientist is not quantifiability, Mr/Dr Hubey. Numbers

Do you really think I need lectures on science from someone who
doesn't even know what it is? That's like a historian saying
that science is "just a collection of facts."

is it really?


Regards, Mark