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David L Burkhead (
9 Oct 1995 04:17:54 GMT

In article <> (H. M. Hubey) writes:
> (JTHURB) writes:
>> I used to have a large graph showing survival times vs. sea water
>>temperatures when I taught survival courses for the Navy. As I remember,
>>it gave you about 7 minutes to live at 28 degrees F. and forever
>>somewhere around 90 degrees F.
>Thank you very much. I was looking for a number like this but
>it would have been too difficult to compute.
>so now we have a temperature about which we can make our
>guesses. The other number we'd really need is the temperature
>that pockets of ocean/lake might achieve normally during the course
>of the day around the equator. My guess is that it could hit
>as hit as around 80 degrees rather easily.

Incorrect, actually. We have a temperature that tells what a
downed navy pilot, or overboard seaman/officer, can survive while
dressed, while conserving energy (activity makes matters _worse_ in
the water--it's energy that's the problem), and "forever" is a
relative term since it's generally a one-shot deal.

Scuba divers, OTOH, know that there's _no_ large, open body of
water _anywhere_ where one can repeatedly dive, day in and day out,
without some kind of thermal protection.

Situations would be worse for a small hominid--higher surface to
volume ratio.

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