Re: AAT Theory

David L Burkhead (
9 Oct 1995 03:31:01 GMT

In article <> (H. M. Hubey) writes:
> (David L Burkhead ) writes:
>> I see you don't know any more about _history_ (particularly
>>military history) than you do about fluid mechanics. In his entire
>You're invited to the history groups.
>You might see my posts there from time to time.

Taht your posts are in the history groups does not mean that you
know any history, particularly military history. That you can make
statements such as the one I replied to (which you deleted),
demonstrates an ignorance of the subject as profound as your ignorance
of anthropology, fluid mechanics, and paleontology.

>The rest doesn't belong here.

Since the "rest" (part of which most certainly _did_ belong here)
_demonstrates_ the falsity of your claim I am not surprised by its
being deleted.

David L. Burkhead

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