Re: Cultural Takeoff Erectus VS. H. Sapiens

Sat, 07 Oct 1995 20:01:30 GMT

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> Marvin Harris writes in his book "OUR KIND" ;
> >"Hand axes and other bifacial cores manufactured by the 1.6
> million-year-old erectus at Koobi Fora, Kenya were still being made
> essentially unchanged by late erectus populations in Africa and Eurasia
> 300,000 years ago......Starting from a stone age base our own species took
> fewer than 100,000 years to pass from a hunting, gathering mode of life to
> today's hyperindustrial societies. That's a mere 8 percent of the time our
> erectus ancestors had at their disposal."
> This boggles the mind if we consider where we may be a million years from
> now (providing we make it that long) and keep up this pace. Any theories
> or explanations out there as to why the big difference. Physical
> limitations in erectus brain make up?

It doesn't have to be brain limitations - look how far we've come in the
last 100 years compared to the previous few thousand.

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