Re: AAT:A method to falsify
7 Oct 1995 20:35:02 GMT

> This is in the _warmest_ of waters. It only gets worse from
> there. Well, there is one possible exception. If the aquatic ape
> spent its time in a "hot spring" instead of lake or ocean water.
> However such an environment would not support enough of a population
> of hominid-sized creatures to have been sustainable.
I never got down there myself but friends who went to Massawa on the Eritrean coast
said it cooled down to 100 degrees at night and the water was bathtub warm at all
times. That water is warmer than most "hot springs". The climate Morgan talks about
for the Danakil Island was, as I remember, in a warm period and so the water might
have been even warmer then. It might not have been warmer because with a lot more
water there would have been more outlets to the Indian ocean.
The other pont is that a large population could not evolve anyway. It had to be a very
small,isolated population to evolve.