Re: post from Holloway

David Froehlich (
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 19:08:52 -0500

On 9 Oct 1995, Alex Duncan wrote:

> Apparently, Dr. Holloway is having trouble posting, and so sent this to
> me and asked me to post it. I've also included his e-mail info.
> >I've tried and tried but I can't seem to post to the group. I've noted
> >Hubey's scoffing at all the refs someone kindly put out for him, and his
> >arguments and posts get sillier and sillier. I've now decided to use the
> >"D" key whenever I see any more of his bullshit. Can you post this to the
> >'group' for me? Thanks,
> >Ralph Holloway

Yeah!! Another convert to the ignore him and maybe he will actually read
the primary literature so he might actually begin to be intelligable

Ps. Does anybody know if he is related to Archimedes Plutonium????

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