? Sequence from 'Ascent of Man' available?

Brendon Rae (b.rae@es.co.nz)
Sat, 7 Oct 1995 06:37:32 UNDEFINED


This query may have been dealt with millennia ago, but I still don't know the answer :-(.

On J. Bronowski's BBC series "The Ascent of Man" I was fascinated by one sequence where a computer screen
was used to show the outline of various hominid skulls morphing into the next
stage in their evolution. Some of these pictures are reproduced as figure 10
on page 37 of the book of the series.

I assume that a mainframe was used to generate these sequences.

My question is this; Does anybody know if the program used to generate those
images (or the image sequence itself) has ever been transferred to the PC
platform, and if it is generally available??


Brendon b.rae@es.co.nz