Re: Becoming altricial/bi

H. M. Hubey (
6 Oct 1995 20:42:06 -0400 (J. Moore) writes:

>"swimming response" (holding breath and rhythymical movements)
>has been shown to be a general mammalian infant response, and that
>this information that showed this is contained in the same article
>(on the same page!) as the info on human babies. Funny that you
>managed to miss it then. Funny, or suspiciously "convenient".

Suspecting how the neural networks (i.e. the brain) works, one
would think that these experiments haven't gone far enough.
That includes the capability of human infants to grasp and support
their body weight. One of the innate fears humans have is fear
of falling (i.e. loss of support). If this enviroment where the
infant had to keep grasping in order not to fall could be
maintained, is it possible for this grasping ability not to be
lost after a few months as previously posted.

Similarly, if the infants are kept in the aquatic environment
is it possible for them to learn to swim before they can even

So far the results are indeterminate.


Regards, Mark