Re: AAT Theory

H. M. Hubey (
5 Oct 1995 22:25:59 -0400 (Gerrit Hanenburg) writes:

>Can these models predict the outcome of a specific conflict?

Who do you think conducts the war games scenarios and churns
out numbers for the Pentagon? Anthropologists or political

>That would be nice because then we don't have to fight a war ever again.


>The outcome is simply calculated and victory becomes a formality. :-)

It's already being done. Give me the army with the bigger cannons.

>I already gave you an example (Tattersall,The Fossil Trail,1995) in one of
>my previous postings that shows that the theory which relates the origin of
>bipedalism to the open savanna can be falsified by observations from the
>fossil record.

Can someone explain to me how the weather was hot and dry and
I assume that the ocean water levels were low too.

I can't get over a few things:

1) If the overall temperature was higher than today, then the
ocean levels would be high, the water would be warmer, and the
air would be more humid. Some of the arid areas of today (like the
Sahara) might be under water. So where does the dry savannah condition
come from?

2) If the weather was dry, where did the water go? If it went to
the ice caps, then it must have been cold. If it's cold then
why are the animals losing their fur?

Did the land masses get pushed up, and did the ocean bottoms
drop lower so that the water levels dropped but there was
no change in temperature overall?

>Go to the a university library and read some copies of the "American
>Journal of Physical Anthropology" and the "Journal of Human Evolution".

How about if I just read some books with lots of plots and
equations? That's what I prefer.


Regards, Mark