Re: AAT Theory

J. Moore (
Thu, 5 Oct 95 15:07:00 -0500

Cl> > >> If you are unaware of other explanations, then my working
Cl> assumption must
Cl> > >> be that you've never actually read anything in the
Cl> paleoanthropological
Cl> > >> literature. You should strap a sign to your back that says
Cl> "ignorant."

Cl> I can't figure out who's who in the above riposte, but it is an example
Cl> of a problem I see a lot on s.a.p. One person (an amateur?) is arguing
Cl> in a literary mode, saying things like "there's only one" as a shorthand
Cl> for "the AAT is in my belief the only theory that offers a satisfactory
Cl> explanation". Then the responsder (a professional?) takes the words
Cl> literally, "there IS only ONE", and is so incensed that an inadvertant
Cl> ad hominem results.

Cl> Maybe there is no way to bridge this apparent gap between Snow's two
Cl> cultures, but do try to remember that s.a.p is not a peer reveiwed
Cl> journal nor is it a literary magazine.
Cl> Tom Clarke

There's an easy way to bridge this gap -- read something besides
Morgan's books and posts.

Jim Moore (

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