Re: Exaptation and cookie cutters

David Froehlich (
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 11:23:19 -0500

On 5 Oct 1995, Thomas Clarke wrote:

> Did my response to his post make it out? No one has commented
> about the what I said concerning the implausability of his
> picture of the "first family" drowning.

I will admit it seemed pretty implausible.

> > There is a story about some archaeologists in the US who believed that
> > atlatl hooks and weights were fish net hooks and net spacers used to
> > make fishing nets. To prove their point they used them to make a
> > rather nice fishing net.
> Nice story. So what were the atlatl hooks and weights for?

Throwing spears maybe???

> Don't you have any fun in science? Are you limited only to what
> is absolutely, iron-clad provable on the basis of well deocumented
> obsdrvation? No speculation allowed?

If it is speculation and you cannot test it it is not science. That
doesn't mean that you cannot have fun, it just means that you must frame
your questions in terms of a testable proposition. This seems to be the
basic disconect between the pro AAS camp and the dirty nasty
proffesionals who are always ganging up on them. Just because a theory
is -fun- doesn't make it good, or usefull, or even all that interesting.

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