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|> >In most quadripeds the the bend at the knees is in the opposite direction
|> >from humans; and the primates seem to be already close to human. What
|> >could have caused this change?
|> Most? Can you give me an example? (While I make no claim to be an
|> expert on vertebrate anatomy, I can't think of any tetrapods whose
|> knees bend the other way--even other bipeds (birds, for example) have
|> knees that bend the same way ours do.
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Say what? Turkeys and pheasant (just to name two) have knees that
bend opposite to humans. As far as tetrapods, are we talking front
or back legs? On deer, dogs, elk, sheep, etc., the back legs
have knees that bend the opposite way from the front legs. Am I
missing something here??
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