Re: Becoming altricial/bipedal

Alex Duncan (
5 Oct 1995 23:46:32 GMT

In article <> Paul Crowley, writes:

>> A) Your contention that children during the transitional phase
>> could not grasp is not just unproven, but actually rests on
>> assumptions that are false, and which Alex Duncan has already
>> pointed out to you.
>You are using all the discreditable tricks of an academic defending
>a lost position. Please don't. It is too obvious and just wastes
>everyone's time.

It looked to me like Mr. Moore was pointing out that the assertion at the
base of your argument remains unsupported. What a nasty trick!!! I
can't believe you even bother to discuss things with him. I don't know
about you, but I get so frustrated with logic, logic, logic!!! Jim Moore
is an intellectual brute who just won't fight fair. Ooh!!!!! it makes me
so mad I could just spit!!!

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