paleoanthro measurements

Alex Duncan (
4 Oct 1995 12:00:11 GMT

In article <> H. M. Hubey, writes:

>Just measure length, circumference, width, weight, density??
>That's a good start. But did you pay any attention to what I wrote?
>Higher order measures would need to follow from the basic/simple
>ones. I've read of labs (was it in France) that was attempting
>things along the lines of D'arcy Thompson and making computer
>models. I don't know what results they've achieved. Is there
>any more?

For your own well being, it's probably best to assume that paleoanthro is
limited to the kinds of measurements you describe. I urge you NOT to
look into any of the primary literature, or to do any investigation of
any kind. Please disregard my previous posts on the subject. Elaine
Morgan is the be-all and end-all of paleoanthropological knowledge, and
it would be pointless to read anything that wasn't by her or one of her

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