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H. M. Hubey (
3 Oct 1995 23:20:41 -0400 (J. Moore) writes:

>(Lin 1982) pg. 271:
>"However, universality of the "diving" responses is well recognized
>in that these responses exist in all vertebrates studied so far,
>differing only in intensity and tempo."

It seems to stop short of what we really want to know. It's
binary; yes or no. It's insufficient.

Is there a pattern?

Is there a correlation with the evolutinary scale?

Is there any correlation with any of the subclassifications?

How about comparisons to otters, polar bears and diving birds?
Is there one place where one can see plots of the reflex
against various conditions?

>(Elsner and Gooden 1983) pg. 20:
>1974). Terrestrial mammals generally do not respond as
>immediately nor as markedly as the aquatic species."

Yes. What are the differences?

Which aquatic species?

>(Bove and Davis 1990) pg. 66:
> "One of the most intriguing findings with regard to diving
>medicine is the occurrence of cardiac arrhythmias during
>during diving. In humans, it is common to find various types of
>arrhythmias even during simply breath-holding."

Are arrythmias common among animals at all?

Under what kinds of conditions do arrythmias occur
in animals?


Regards, Mark