Re: AAT Theory

Magnus Sterky (
Tue, 03 Oct 1995 09:02:33 GMT (Aila Korhonen) wrote:

>No furless water mammal I know can walk on land: Seals, whales,
>sirenians. All mammals living close to water and capable of walking
>have a fur coat: Minks, badgers etc. Is there evidence that coat
>disappeared before legs?

I dont know either. On the other hand, it is not evident that
evolution follows the same paths for all creatures. The vhales have no
fur, the seals have. Neither have real legs the way we normally mean.

I think loosing fur is an advantage if the main stay is on land in a
temperate climate, with a requirement to dry fast, and not having the
kind of fatty coat that completely rejects keeping water, already when
experimenting with bathing often.