Re: AAT Theory

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2 Oct 1995 15:52:51 -0400 (David L Burkhead ) writes:

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> You might want to actually _learn_ something about the subject
>before discoursing on it. You are, quite simply, wrong. Chimpanzees
>are quite capable of dealing with any predator found in their
>environs. They will lose the occasional group member to predation,
>but the loss is not heavy.

We are discussing savannah (i.e. the closest thing to the open
plains) where these days lions, hyenas and wild dogs prowl.

Chimps would be no match for a pack of lions, hyenas, or even
wild dogs. They can swing all the sticks they want.

Anyway, this is getting boring, not to mention tiresome listening
to pompousness.


Regards, Mark