Re: AAT Theory

Gerrit Hanenburg (
Mon, 2 Oct 1995 16:54:09 GMT (H. M. Hubey) wrote:

>>comparison to humans), yet strangely they are able to deal with
>>predators. Chimpanzees don't _have_ to run from predators. From what

>Yeah, they can scare off a lone cheetah probably.

>> Big cats and other savannah predators can be driven off by threat

>Somehow i find it hard to believe that they were scaring off

Chimpanzees are notorious for there aggression.

Richard Byrne (Oxford Univ.Press,1995,p.156) in "The thinking ape" writes:
"Chimpanzees regularly display at leopards,which show a healthy fear of
them.In some West African areas,chimpanzees use branches as weapons with
which to attack leopards;even lions,much bigger than leopards,are followed
with interest and subject to aggressive display by chimpanzees".