paleoanthro "secrets"

Alex Duncan (
2 Oct 1995 11:51:45 GMT

In article <> H. M. Hubey, writes:

>I never asked anyone if they were anthropologists. I'm not one.
>And I don't care much. IF there is some magic tricks that
>professional anthropologists have up their sleeves they must
>be keeping them all secret. All I can see is that they are
>still bone eye-balling. And I use this phrase on purpose.
>It's not a good idea to try to run before learning to walk.
>WE are all aware of the immense difficulty and complexity of
>the subject matter and that it's mostly in the verbal stage
>because of it.

Things are "secret" to the extent that they're published in professional
journals that you obviously haven't taken the time to read. The days of
"eye-balling" are past. It still occurs, occasionally, but usually gets
a pretty critical response.

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