Re: 'Out of Africa' still only a theory?!?!?

Osmo Ronkanen (ronkanen@cc.Helsinki.FI)
2 Oct 1995 02:23:57 +0200

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JamShreeve <> wrote:
>One of the ways that the advocates of multiregional continuity answer your
>question (how Homo sapiens could evolve out of erectus over such a wide
>area) is to suggest that Homo erectus wasn't really a separate species
>from us. In other words, Homo sapiens goes back at least a million and a
>half years, and has been developing regional characteristics in various
>parts of the Old World ever since, just like any other species.

But the difference between modern man and a homo erectus is much greater
than the difference between difference races among modern man. So how
could the homo-erectuses all around the world develop to so similar
human beings. This to be sounds like the modern man was somehow
necessary development in evolution. Something that does not fit into
natural selection.

Of course one could explain the similarities by saying that the
populations were not separate, but bred with each others. This,
however, blows up the idea of them developing regional characters where
they lived.