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1 Oct 1995 18:21:07 -0400

I received the following information on a new publication from George B.
DeMuth, Director, Firelands Archaeological Research Center, Milan, Ohio.
Thought members might be interested.

Abel, Timothy J., The Petersen Site and New Perspectives on the Late
Prehistory of Northwestern Ohio (Milan, Ohio: The Firelands
Archaeological Research Center, 1995).

Abstract: This monograph addresses Paleo Indian, Early-Late Archaic, Late
Woodland and Protohistoric occupations near Port Clinton, Ohio. The study
documents two superimposed Late Woodland villages relating to the Wolf and
Indian Hills Phases of the Sandusky Tradition. The Wolf and Sandusky
Phases are identified as relating to the €Totontaratohnronon€ (Fire
Nation) of the early historic period in the western Great Lakes of North
America. A temporal chronology is established for the evolution of Parker
Festooned ceramics as well as transformations in settlement-subsistence
and mortuary practices of the Sandusky Tradition.

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hard-bound - $27.50 (special pre-sale offer ends December 24, 1995)
soft-bound - $20.95
($5.00 shipping & handling in the U.S.and $11.00 for Canadian and foreign
(Delivery date on or after January 15, 1996)

Send orders to: Lester F. Gerken, 9319 Thorpe Road, Berlin Heights, Ohio
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