Re: Neanderthals among us

Magnus Sterky (
Sun, 01 Oct 1995 23:47:10 GMT

>that I already have the traditional occipital bunning and a
>rather robust bone structure (including a very large and deep
>ribcage), I'd be interested to know if I do, in fact, have any
>more of the traits that are usually associated with neanderthals.

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Interesting, I also may have some of these Neanderthal features, and I
have often wondered if they did not actually disappear, but rather got
mixed with the others. The duration of time when this would have
happened could easily be many thousands years of time. It was stated
recently that the ice-buried man from Osterrich-Italian border (some
5000 years old) is related to about 2/3 of all living Europeans today,
so imagine what mixing may do for much longer times.

Again, it seems to me as science rejects too much what can not be
proved by findings, and may do better also using statisitcal and
prbability reasoning for finding paths. (to be proved by findings)