Re: Aquatic ape theory

Magnus Sterky (
Sun, 01 Oct 1995 09:10:11 GMT

I have certain difficulties to accept the theory that early mankind preferred living mid Africa,
or mid any other continent. The main reason for my doubt is that the main factor for success
for Homo Sapiens is intelligence and laziness.

Why on earth would an intelligent ape-like creature select the inland site for living, threatend
by all sorts of beasts, chasing other animals, most of which were lightning fast, when he
could spend his days in joyful laziness at the waterside, now and then picking some seashells
and nuts from the trees? The biological intensity both sides of the waterfront are 3-10 times
higher than in deep see or inland sites.

Now, why do we not find any remainings of this creature? Because the sea level has
repeatably varied by tens of meters through times, and anything left must have been washed
away. Sciense only believes in what can be found. It makes one think of the story of the man
having dropped his key and started looking for it at a nearby lamp-post "because it is too
dark to search anywhere else"

Most reasonably well known history of man (the last 10 000 years) indicates our preference
for the waterfront. It also indicates a wery early ability to build and use rafts and boats. I
it reasonable to believe that man started using simle rafts long before using fire. If living at
the seaside, it would not call for an Einstein to figure out that towing a raft with the
belongings was much lazier than carrying them. (As recent reasearch shows, even some of
the apes of today can figure out how to use tools.) Probably this early ability of using "boats"
may explain some of the paradoxes in the human evolution, "did man evolve locally or

Intelligence and laziness seems to have been the long term factors that developed man from
beginning to now. Laziness, in fact, is the true mother of invention. (Most people I know
would rather spend a lot of brainpower than having to perform hard work)

Chasing antilopes by running, as is one of the presently most accepted theorys for survivial
of our early ancestors, is niether intelligent nor lazy, and can at most be an act of desperate
emergency for short periods of time in our history. (Who said we are made for outrunning

The long history of waterfront living is probably still in our DNA, at least I can sense that
beyond any doubt every time I get the chanse of practising...