Re: AAT Theory

Phillip Bigelow (
30 Sep 1995 13:57:08 -0700 (David L Burkhead ) writes:

> Go look at the AAH again. It postulates a _wading_ ape. The
>critical factors being argued in this particular thread (long legs,
>upright posture, changes in pelvic structure, etc.) are supposed to be
>the result of wading. The claim that long legs would have let us move
>out to deeper water to escape land predators only applies if we are

In addition, why loose leg hair in a predominantly wading environment?
Besides, wading is a lower-energy activity than is swimming or treading
water, so a naked leg would contribute to any hypothermic effects on those
cool-overcast days. (Not ALL days are going to be sunny and warm, and
besides, half of the wading hominid's body is above water).

Frankly, I think a parsimonious hypothesis for long leg length in humans is
that it is a correlary to the earlier development of the
human upright, bipedal walking stance. What better way to improve on a
pre-existing terrestrial bipedal theme than to increase the leg stride length?