Re: Australia and brains...

Ralph L Holloway (
Sun, 1 Oct 1995 12:32:02 -0400

Jim Foley asked for some refs on the Australian Aboriginal brain weight.
The mostt recent reference I know of is: Klekamp et al, 1987. A
quantitative study of Australian Aboriginal and Caucasian brains. J.
Anatomy,150:191-210. (In the refs you will find the citation for Harper
and Mina's earlier study.) Also, more recent issues of the Journal for
Brain Research, also known as the Journal fur Hirnforschung, carried some
of the important paperts by Klekamp, Reidel, Harper, etc., on postnatal
growth of the cortical and noncortical structures in Australian
Aborigines and Caucasians. These are important because they have made
tentative correlations with dietary variables, and the former , while
hardly malnourished, are longer in growing.
Harry Erwin's ap"apology" isn't really necessary as in fact, some of
the older Australian Aboriginal women do have low brain weights, but the
value of 750 ml is rare. I have seen it, however.
Cheers, Ralph Holloway.