Re: Aquatic ape theory

Phillip Bigelow (
29 Sep 1995 15:32:31 -0700 (Sean Stinson) writes:

> It's somewhat like arguing we could never have lived in the
>plains and eaten grains because our appendix is non-functional.
>Now, if you had a fossilized appendix, well then...
>In fact by your argument we could say that dolphins were never terrestrial
>mammals because they can't outrun a lion.

No, that is not what the argument correlates to. All that my
"escape-from-predator"-traits-test suggests is that humans are not adapted to
see well, hear well,or rapidly escape from, an aquatic predator. That's all it
says. My little test says nothing about whether hominids ever had an
aquatic phase in the geologic past....but it DOES suggest that if hominids DID
have an aquatic past, they probably were easy pickings for aquatic
You AAT-ers read WAY to many conclusions into the available data.