Re: Savanna: a slow d

29 Sep 1995 19:59:46 GMT

David Froehlich ( sez:
`On 28 Sep 1995 Thomas Clarke wrote>
`> Ah, what a profound suggestion! Could rock and roll exist without
`> the electric guitar? Thus the seminal event that lead to Rock and
`> Roll was Page's. Not one of the crowd of musicians whose opus
`> gradually became rock and roll.
`Are you honestly suggesting that Jimmy Page was the first person to use
`an electric guitar or that nobody before jimmy page used it in the same
`way? While I might accept the second, your view of history in music is
`as biased and skewed as your view of paleoanthropology.

I may be reading this wrong, but I believe he bought the included
fallacy that Page invented the electric guitar. This would be
a classic example of being hooked by an unintentional troll.
(I just wonder what he thinks Chuck Berry was playing -
no point in mentioning Les Paul or Charlie Christian).

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