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Fri, 29 Sep 95 10:14:00 -0500

Vi> the earliest relatively firm evidence of stone
Vi> tools, however minimally crafted. Back when I was taking
Vi> paleo anth, hominids were only known back 2My, and stone tools were
Vi> present all the way back. With hominids now back to about 4.5My, I was
Vi> wondering where the trail of accompanying flints stops. I recall reading
Vi> that the Leakeys proposed that h. habilis was the first flint crafter.
Vi> Is this accepted?
Vi> ==
Vi> <== faster % Pete Vincent

I'd say it's more "assumed". That is, the earliest stone stools
are actually somewhat earlier than habilis, but the assumption has
tended to be that habilis *must* have made them. The other
candidate is the robust side of the family. It's about 2.5 mya
for earliest stone tools, AFAIK.

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