Re: Savanna: a slow d

Thomas Clarke (
28 Sep 1995 13:40:44 GMT

In article <> writes:

> Mr> (1) It's not what you say, it's how you say it;

> Thank god science isn't being left to bureaucrats then; in
> science, what you say, and whether it has a factual basis, is
> still considered important.

I think "Mr" was giving friendly advice on how to make you
arguments persuasive, not on their factual content. If you want
to convince an AAT favorable person like me, then you WOULD probably
have better results with the style of argument suggested by "Mr".
(Identity of "Mr" not properly cited in posting).

> Mr> Some of you sound like heavy metal fans writing to a newspaper to
> Mr> protest an unfavorable review (your reviewer SUCKS, man).

> A more accurate heavy metal analogy might be a newspaper
> uncritically printing info from a book that claims Jimmy Page
> invented rock n roll -- and the proof offered is the claim
> that he invented the electric guitar...then people write in and
> say "well, no, he didn't" -- to which you reply as you have here,
> blasting the people who corrected the errors.

Ah, what a profound suggestion! Could rock and roll exist without
the electric guitar? Thus the seminal event that lead to Rock and
Roll was Page's. Not one of the crowd of musicians whose opus
gradually became rock and roll.

Tom Clarke