Re: Aquatic ape theory

Thomas Clarke (
28 Sep 1995 13:28:19 GMT

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> >I've noticed that there is a lot of argument over AAT
> >that centres around aquatic predators, ex. Crocodiles.

> You can only pass on your genes if you survive the attack. The best way
> to survive a croc attack is to avoid it; i.e. stay out of the water.

Yes, stay out of the water where the crocs are.

> Could someone please explain to me how a wading bipedal primate might be
> so adapted? As far as I can tell, hominids are only the most advanced
> form of croc chow to have evolved.

I live in Florida. Lots of gators around here. You stay away from
the places where they live. There are crocodiles in the Everglades
as well down on the salt fringes of Florida Bay.

I have never seen an alligator or a crocodile on a sandy beach.
As I have said in other posts, the beach is my prefered location for
the AA phase.

Hominids dumb enough to try wading into gator holes, did not pass on
their genes, yes.

Hominds bidedal enough to wade out onto the salt flats and gather
oysters grew fat and had lots of children.

Tom Clarke