Re: AAT Theory

Sean Stinson (
28 Sep 1995 20:22:35 GMT

David L Burkhead ( wrote:
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: Again with the streamlined. That's a _claim_, not a "fact."
: Furthermore, it's a claim that does _not_ fit the conclusion of a
: "wading ape." In fact, a hairy body would have _less_ drag for that
: upright wading ape. Go look up turbulent vs laminar flow separation
: drag in bluff bodies. (This kind of thing is one of the reasons the
: "obvious" is so often wrong.)

Just a small note here:
Last time I checked ALL olympic swimmers shave their legs and
body. Then they put rubber swimming caps on their heads to cover the
hair on their heads. It seems to me that if you want to know about moving
quickly through the water you should ask an olympic swimmer about it.
I don't think you'd find any that suggest remaining unshaven.
Turbulent flow may work for wading creatures, but who says that
we remained wading throughout this entire evolutionary process?
Last time I checked nobody was suggesting that we are the biological
equivalent of a golf ball.