Re: An alternative to ST and AAT

John Waters (
28 Nov 1996 01:14:43 GMT

Gerrit Hanenburg <> wrote in
article <57iif9$>...

> The Journal of Human Evolution regularly has an article
on the subject
> (the October issue contains the article "The evolution of
> in hominids and reduced group size in
> responses to decreasing resource availability" by Isbell
and Young).
> There are several theories about the origin of
bipedalism,so I really
> don't understand how FsFlowers can say that he/she
doesn't understand
> that there isn't more theory and discussion on the
> How much effort did he/she take to find out what is
really there?

JW: In addition, if Fs Flowers prefers the computer screen
he/she might care to try the following URL. It is just a