Re: An alternative to ST and AAT

Susan S. Chin (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 15:47:10 GMT

fsflowers ( wrote:
: I have read extensively on bipedalism, and that is why I am
: disgusted with the information at hand. There are no answers
: that satisfy me.

Frankie, maybe you didn't mean for your original post to come across the
way it did, I don't know. But you did imply that there was "no
discussion" and "no theories" out there. Ignorance is okay if you can't
do any better, but having read extensively on bipedalism, wouldn't you
say that this topic is far too complex to have answers that are
"satisfactory"? None of the current theories, hypotheses, ideas about
hominid origins seem to explain why we began walking upright with enough
evidence substantiating it to fully convince me either. So maybe we
shouldn't be looking for answers, but rather keep asking questions?

: I would like to add, that if it weren't for students,
: we would sit around stagnant in old information, growing stale in the
: same old discussions and arguments.

Professional paleoanthropologists were once students too. They just became
more accomplished, and are now paid for what they know and do.

: Isn't that what we're here for? Learning, exploring,
finding truths where questions lie?

: fsflowers
: frankie (she)

Yes, definitely. Only sometimes it is to our benefit to do some searching
for the "answers" on our own first before asking the questions. IMO, that is
what separates the good students from the others.

Anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to those who celebrate this holiday today!