Re: An alternative to ST and AAT

John Waters (
27 Nov 1996 20:24:34 GMT

Gerrit Hanenburg <> wrote in
article <57gu7b$>...
> fsflowers <> wrote:
> >Are there any theories that have been discussed on this
topic? I am just a student of
> >anthropology, and although I am completely enthralled in
all of
> >it, I simply don't understand why there isn't more
> >more discussion, or more hypothesis on this subject.
> As a layman you would have had an excuse but as a student
> anthropology you should have known better.

JW: What do you mean by this Gerrit? Is this a feature of
the American educational system? Are students to be
discouraged from discussing alternative theories,
hypotheses and propositions. We know the professional
approach is to sit on the fence and pretend to know
everything. But surely students should be allowed to
question, probe, dissect and discuss? What is the world
coming to?