Re: Why is Homo sapiens hairless?

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Thu, 28 Nov 96 10:56:08 GMT

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>>> >JW: Come on Barry. Dish the dirt. Let us hear your
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>>> Well John, it's hardly mine, but here goes:
>>> As Darwin said, it is "ornamentation;" but ornamentation
>>> to attract the male; my guess is that the first parts of
>>> female hominid to lose hair would have been the buttocks,
>>>chest and face--since there is no real heat season for

If some female hominids was born that had less hair than normal, it is more
believable that it would have lead to the opposite effect. Abnormal females
should have made the males less interested! Of course all of this are
hypotheses, but try to look at it from an early male hominid€s point of
view and not from your own.