Re: An alternative to ST and AAT

Gerrit Hanenburg (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 21:08:39 GMT

"John Waters" <> wrote:

>JW: Is it possible to do the same sort of analysis on H.
>habilis and H. erectus? My interest here is concerned with
>the LBI broods. If these species exhibited increased
>alfricial development, I would expect a proportional
>increase in the adult stages of development. This would
>imply a later age at first breeding.

Female body weight H.erectus (African) is 52.3 kg. Estimated age at
first breeding is 14.2 years.

For H.habilis it's a bit more complicated,because it depends on which
specimens you include in the H.habilis hypodigm.
If OH 62 is H.habilis then you get a small body weight (similar to
Lucy's),but if KNM-ER 813 and 1472 are H.habilis then you get a fairly
large bodyweight (~50 kg).

>JW: Likewise, it would be interesting to know whether H.
>habilis and H. erectus infants were maturing later also. I
>wouldn't expect a very marked difference. Although the
>brain nearly doubled in size, I think there were changes in
>the pelvis as far as H. erectus was concerned, so the
>degree of alricial extension may not have been

The predicted age of eruption of M1 in early Homo is ~4-4.5 years.
Unfortunately there are no fossils of juvenile early Homo individuals
that died at the time of eruption of the lower M1s.
A test of this prediction has to await the recovery of such a