Re: An alternative to ST and AAT

Rohinton Collins (
26 Nov 1996 20:48:43 GMT

> A final statement for the record, Roh. Some people may
> think you have been a bit stingy with your references.
> However, I can assure everybody that this is a very ill
> researched area. There are virtually no books, or papers on
> the effects of altricial development in hominids. It is
> pioneering stuff, and I certainly appreciate all the
> problems which you are facing in researching the answers.
> Thank you once again.
> John.

Cheers yourself, John. Seems to be the only interesting thread left in this
newsgroup. I got a lot of my basic arguments from Roger Lewin's 'Human
Evolution' textbook - an introductory text, but one with many solid,
popular ideas.

If you'll take one small criticism though. You seem to be interested in
detail. The problem here is that we are as yet uncertain of the general
picture, and until we are, trying to work out details is like building a
house of cards. So lets try and answer the basic questions, applying what
we already know about extant and extinct taxa.