Re: MacRae & Myers: THE CHOICE IS YOUR'S!

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25 Nov 1996 10:02:24 -0800

In article <56up90$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:
>"henry l. barwood" <> wrote:
>>Conrad, do you
>>really think that anyone believes you any more? I can speak only for
>>myself, but no self-respecting researcher would touch you with a ten foot
>>tongue depressor!
>>Here Conrad's eyes sparkle as he pictures himself being given a ticker
>>tape parade down Broadway while thousands of men in white coats shout
>>hosannas to his greatness. Later the entire Nobel Prize committee bows in
>>front of him and kisses his feet. Unfortunately, he wakes up.
>> Henry Barwood
>I have no idea why you've written such a nasty post.
>Do you realize it could spoil my whole weekend?
>I mean, you ARE into rocks, aren't you? Well, I don't know
>why you should be so offended that, because of your total lack
>of openmindedness about my discoveries, I lost my cool and
>called you a cement-head.
>After all, you should realize I could've done something a whole lot
>worse. I could've told the folks that you have a petrified brain.

Keep this bogus stuff out of the sci groups.