Re: An alternative to ST and AAT

Phillip Bigelow (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 20:21:08 -0800

Paul Crowley wrote:
> I accept that there are all kind of ways of walking.
> The English language makes fine distinctions: saunter, stroll,
> shuffle, shamble, hobble, limp, totter, stagger, lurch, slouch
> drag, mince, prance, stalk, strut, swagger, sidle, roll, swing,
> amble, - and many more.

Those are general usage words. "Stride" in science has a specific
biomechanical meaning. Gerrit defined it for you in a previous post.

> We often walk without striding. Small children don't stride
> as long legs and some weight are necessary. But striding *is*
> a distinctive H.s.s. capacity.

It can be with other primates too.
You either completely ignored Gerrits post on this, or you read it
but have an exceedingly short memory. You are wrong in your above