Re: gigantopithecus blacki....stance

Phillip Bigelow (
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 20:04:04 -0800

debra mckay wrote:

> The general opinion, so far as I know it, is that Giganto
> was some sort of quadruped, probably terrestrial, judging from
> their size. They appear to be a close relative of Asian
> _Sivapithecus_, which was quadruped itself.

> Grover Krantz's position

I have heard that Grover's postion is often reclined, but he
is known to move around bipedally! :-)

For those who are unaware of Grover Krantz, he is a faculty
member in the (I believe) anthropology dept. at Washington
State University in Pullman. Grover is one of the few
academicians (possibly the only academician) who believes
in Sasquatch (Big Foot).
As was noted above, Grover's position as an authority on
the subject of Gigantopithicus is quite marginal.
But this is an excellent opportunity to point out to those
who claim that anthropology is a monolithic and cloistered
organization that is resistant to change and new ideas, that
such a claim is *bunk*. Just look at Grover Krantz.