Re: gigantopithecus blacki....stance

debra mckay (
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 03:39:54 GMT (daniel hwang) wrote:
>what is the current consensus on G. blacki's posture and locomotion
>among paleoanthropologists?
>does the consensus
>suggest it was bipedal, as grover krantz argued
>or does the conensus argue
>that it was quadriped, like all modern great apes
>the latter is how i usually see it depicted
>in other origins, discover, etc.

The general opinion, so far as I know it, is that Giganto
was some sort of quadruped, probably terrestrial, judging from
their size. They appear to be a close relative of Asian
_Sivapithecus_, which was quadruped itself.

Grover Krantz's position