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21 Nov 96 09:19:27 -700

Roger Dodger has this to say about that-

>I note that this has not been cross-posted to This is
>particularly interesting because over in t.o I have seen discussions of
>putative bones, analyzed and said to be `like' bone by various
>professionals. Only thing is, the people who have held up such `bones'
>conveniently leave out the parts where said professionals say that even
>though they are `like' bones, they are _NOT_ bone, or that said
>professionals are not competent to SAY whether or not something is bone.
>Basically we see a distortion of half-truths.

That's the Modus Operendi for most of the 'religeous' types. They use a
consiststant barrage of mis-quotes, out-of-context quotes, distortions and
outright lies to 'prove' their case, whatever it may be.

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