Re: Why is Homo sapiens hairless?

Susan S. Chin (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 03:15:52 GMT

Susan S. Chin <> wrote in article
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: > Hyeanas crush and eat the bones of their prey... lions aren't scavengers.

Rohinton Collins ( wrote:
: I absolutely hate to pick you up on this Susan, because I have great
: respect for you and your opinions. However, I am afraid that lions scavenge
: at least as much as they hunt. So much for the 'King of the animals'. This
: comes courtesy of the many documentaries which I so enjoy.

Actually I'm glad someone did... I was re-reading my post from this
morning, and realized that statement about lions was not substantiated by
any known facts on my part. What I should have said was "even if lions
scavenge (which seems reasonable they would), they would likely have
access to the "better" part of the carcass, the meat, and not have to
resort to crushing bones for marrow." If anyone has a bone to pick with
that statement, be my guest. I'll admit to total ignorance here...

I have more than an abundance of Anthro texts and books to refer to for
this information, but lesson learned here: don't post when you're already
10 minutes late to work and don't have time to check your facts. Sorry!