Re: Breast Cancer Increases: sign of increasing testosterone

Laurie Davison (
19 Nov 1996 18:23:18 GMT

Ok, I'm intrigued...
First a few questions: you said that "your work" supports your theory
that testosterone is the culprit (or a culprit) in osteoporosis, but you
cite none of your work. Might I ask what controlled experiments you've
performed in your work? Don't get me wrong, I'm not flaming you - I've
just been trained to look for "evidence" and I'm not quite sure I
Although it may be that testosterone levels are increasing in the
population, what would be the selection pressure for such a change?
Perhaps a demand over time for child rearing later in life, rather than
at the time of puberty? Or do you believe that this is due to some other
Also, it would seem to me that the link with promiscuous puberty in
females would be more likely an effect of increased estrogenic activity
during a critical period of bone growth... but I admit freely that
"puberty" per se is not my area!
As estrogen levels decrease during transition into menopause, is it
not possible that the body reacts by aromatizing androgens to estrogens
in the ovaries? If so, then women with a greater supply of androgens
would seem to benefit by having a greater supply of such. Again, this is
not my area, but aromatization of androgens occurs under the influence of
FSH, and FSH does, increase during menopause. This would, in fact,
support your theory.
I'm just intrigued, as I stated, and looking for more information.