Evolution of Emotions

19 Nov 1996 01:21:15 GMT

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Missouri, Kansas City,
studying Anthropology this semester (a 12-hour block).

I need assistance with the idea of developing emotions in humans over
time, to the great complexity that we are capable of now. I understand
that evolution is a continuum, so I'm not expecting an answer that says at
this point in time we were capable of deep caring and respect. I guess
what I really need is understanding of the development (evolution) of the
human brain, and where emotions are "stored," for lack of a better word.
If there is a certain area in the brain where emotions are known to be
located, what is the size difference in early hominids and in present day

I think (as a real amateur) that when we weren't much different than our
ape-like ancestors, we couldn't have posessed all the complex emotions
that we do now. I am looking for comment, criticism (constructive), and
education on this topic.

Please feel free to email me!

Lora Welch