Re: Help - need definition of philopatry
18 Nov 1996 04:08:03 GMT

In article <>, Hoff Stuart <>

>This is really a primatology question. I am reading "Great Ape
>Societies" and the words 'philopatry" and 'philopatric" are used without
>definition. They words are not in the unabridged dictionaries I have
>available. They are used in discussions of socio-ecology and seem to be
>related to dispersal. For example, "most females are philopatric, im
>most mammals". The roots of the word would imply remaining close to the
>male parent but that doesn't make sense. I assume that social
>interactions of apes are relevant to some of the hominid questions
>brought up here. Thanks for your help.

Try substituting "philomatric" for "philopatric" and see where
that takes you .
Or try "patriarchial" and "matriarchial" Try comparing a Gorilla family
to an
elephant herd.

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