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Sun, 17 Nov 1996 23:10:21 GMT (Paul Crowley) wrote:

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> "Gerrit Hanenburg" writes:
>> As I already pointed out in an earlier post,shellfish does not exactly
>> constitute a rich foodsource. Shellfish is particularly low in fat and
>> carbohydrates and not exceptionally high in protein.
>Protein can substitute for both carbohydrates and fat. Protein
>is an essential part of the diet and it's glaringly missing from
>inland theories of hominid evolution. How could Lucy have waddled
>in the direction of the circling vultures and expect to get to the
>kill before all the other predators doing the same?

Paul, protein cannot "substitute for fat and carbohydrates".
Conversion of amino acids to carbohydrates is an inefficient metabolic
pathway and amino acids cannot be used to make lipids.

One hypothesis that has been put forward is that Australopithecines
scavanged kills of other animals and became especially adept at
extracting the bone marrow. Bone marrow is rich in protein and fat.

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